The Utah Climate Center

Our Mission is to facilitate access to climate data and information, and to use expertise in atmospheric science, to interpret climate information in an accurate and innovative fashion for the public.

Who We Are

Picture of the Climate Center Staff 2019 Founded in the early 1890s, the Utah Climate center has been devoted to accurately documenting and sharing climate information for businesses and the public alike. Since inception we have expanded by adding more stations, and hiring more specialists; to provide weather services to growers and researchers worldwide.

Climate Data

Climate Center image Today, we operate approximately 140 weather stations in Utah and surrounding border areas. They are grouped into mission specific networks that primarily support Utah agriculture. Stations have research grade sensors that measure solar radiation, wind, relative humidity, air and soil temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture.

Expertise and Networks

Climate Center Award image We collaborate with the Bureau of Reclamation sharing data with their AgriMet Network. We also send data to Synoptic Data’s MesoWest program. Near real-time data from 120 of our stations are shared with the National Mesonet program via Mesowest’s data portal.

Data Interpretation

Example data chart Data from all stations is used by the public, local, county and state agencies, federal land managers, and the National Weather Service for public safety, research and the forecasting. For the weather stations in agriculture networks, Utah County Extension agents work with growers and grower cooperatives to demonstrate how weather data from these stations can be used to improve production, crop quality, and farm profitability. Examples include: Data for Agriculture, Pest Management and Fruit Harvest Timing.