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    Credits and Support

    The Utah Climate Center is developing this web site in conjunction with the Utah State University Research Foundation. To visit the home page of each center or institution, click on the logo associated with each center / institution.


    Project Design and Implementation:

    Dr. Robert Gillies
    Plants, Soils and Climate, State of Utah - Professor, Watershed Sciences Professor, State Climatologist, Project Supervision and Direction

    Marion Murray
    Utah State University Integrated Pest Management Program - Utah TRAPS (Timing Resource And Alert for Pests) Coordinator

    Jobie Carlisle
    Utah Climate Center - FGNet data acquisition and quality control

    Keith Paskett
    Utah State University Research Foundation (USURF) - Web Team Manager. Systems & Database Setup

    Marty Israelsen
    USURF - Climate Team Lead, Software Engineer, Web & Database Developer

    Joshua Barton
    USURF - Software Engineer, Web & PHP, CSS, Database/ExtJS Pro

    Tony Kirkham
    USURF - Software Engineer, Web Developer, FGNet Point Person

    Jacob Adams
    USURF - Software Engineer, PHP, js, CSS/HTML, Responsive design, Database, Perl

    Chris Dolce
    USURF - Software Engineer, js, PHP, CSS/HTML, Database, Perl Developer

    Tannan Dudley
    USURF - Software Engineer, js, PHP, CSS/HTML, Database, Perl Developer

    Ethan Dayley
    USURF - Software Engineer, js, PHP, CSS/HTML, Database, Python, Perl

    View Past Project Members

    Past Project Design and Implementation:

    Seth Bertlshofer
    USURF - Software Engineer, PHP, Dojo, CSS/HTML, & Database

    Michael Buhler
    USURF - Software Engineer, PHP, CSS/HTML Expert, Database, & ExtJS Web Developer

    Jamahl Middleton
    USURF - Software Engineer, PHP Expert, perl, CSS/HTML, & Database

    Ben Jankowski
    USURF - Software Engineer, Perl Expert, PHP, Database & ExtJS Web Developer

    Max Olsen
    USURF - Software Engineer, Perl Expert & Web Developer

    Catherine Idso
    USURF - Software Engineer, USURF. Web & Database Developer

    Michael Whiteley
    Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL), USURF - Software Engineer, Web Programmer

    Lee Curtis
    USURF - Software Engineer, Perl programmer, Script guru

    Steven Snow
    USURF - Software Engineer, Web Developer & Perl Apprentice

    Jennie Shipley
    USURF - Computer Scientist, Web programmer, Site Beautification

    Ben Banham
    SDL, USURF - Software Engineer

    Aaron Gelter
    SDL, USURF - Software Engineer

    Darin Partridge
    SDL, USURF - Computer Scientist, USURF Liason and Management

    Troy Johnson
    SDL, USURF - Engineer, Web and GIS Programmer

    Brannon Beames
    SDL, USURF - Engineer, Web/Database/Ubuntu/php Ninja, & Pixel Counter

    View Scientific Steering Committee

    Scientific Steering Committee:

    Dr. Gail Bingham
    SDL, USURF - Chief Scientist

    Dr. Robert Gillies
    Plants, Soils and Climate - Professor, Watershed Sciences Professor

    Dr. Lawrence Hipps
    Plants, Soils and Climate - Professor

    Dr. Esmaiel Malek
    Plants, Soils and Climate - Research Associate Professor

    Dr. Philip Rasmussen
    Plants, Soils and Climate - Western Region SARE Program Director, Professor

    Dr. Juergen Symanzik
    Mathematics and Statistics - Associate Professor

    Dr. David Tarboton
    Utah Water Research Laboratory - Civil & Environmental Engineering Professor, Watershed Sciences Adjunct Professor


    Utah Seal

    Funding for this project was made possible by the State of Utah under the auspices of the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, Noelle Cockett, Director.