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    Help - Pest Selection

    The pest selector and updater tool is to be used to edit pests information, add, edit, or remove management actions, and to view phenology.

    Selecting a Pest

    To view or edit the information for a pest, you must first select the pest. A Drop-down box is provided. Make your selection and click "Submit".

    Updating a Pest

    Once you have selected a pest, you are directed to a page that displays the information for the pest (Details), the table of current management actions for that pest (Pest Management Actions), and the phenology table for that pest (Phenology).

    To update the pest information, change the data in the Details section as desired and press the "Update" button. Caution: All changes are permanent.

    Add, Edit, Delete Actions

    To add an action, press the "Add Action" button underneath the table of pest management actions. You will be redirected to a page with blank fields to enter the action, the start days and the end days. Caution: All changes are permanent.

    To edit an action, click the pencil icon to the left of the action you wish to change. You will then be able to enter new values for the Action, Start and End.

    To delete an action, click the red X icon to the left of the action you wish to delete. Caution: Deleted items cannot be recovered. Delete with care.

    Phenology Tables

    Phenology tables are provided for informational purposes only. At the current time there is no method for altering these tables from this site.